Bruin's no longer undefeated

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Bruin's no longer undefeated

Post  Shady23 on Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:44 pm

It was built up as game of the week with the #2 Bruins taking on #5 Stanford. Stanford took away the Bruins run game early on and really had them flustered. Stanford came out with a no huddle based offense that UCLA could not slow down for the life of them. The game was never really close as Stanford dominated and cruised to a 42-10 win. We caught up to coach Shady after the game.

"There is really not much to say. We got our asses handed to us and this is a big wake up call. We did not deserve that #2 ranking the way we played today. There was nothing positive to take away from this game but our boys will not let this loss get to them. Whats done is done and we will bounce back stronger than ever!! Grats to D1 and his Cardinal on the win today he has a great team and is a great coach I cant wait until I get to caoch against him again. Now it is back to the lab to fix all these problems he exposed in out game today."

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