UCLA vs Colorado Preview

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UCLA vs Colorado Preview

Post  Shady23 on Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:05 pm

UCLA squares off against Colorado in a crucial game that could quite possibly go a long way into deciding who will represent the South in the Pac-12 Championship even though USC is still right in the mix and Arizona in striking distance. This week's game is all about who can bounce back. Both Colorado and UCLA had not only the Pac-12 title in mind but not long ago both had the National Championship on their sights, but boy how a couple of weeks changed that. Colorado fought all season long mostly as the underdog and has been a great underdog story and still is. The Buffs finally worked their way up the polls and then lost a heart breaker to Arizona last week but are still looking strong with only one loss. On the other end you have UCLA who started so well and after some controversy brought in Coach Shady. The Shady era started well when he and his Bruins beat cal and jumped to #2 in the polls. After that things turned for the worse as they were blown out 2 weeks in a row by Stanford and then by the Ducks and now UCLA and their coach are in a must win situation for this upcoming game. This should be a great game as both teams are looking to bounce back strong and prove they belong at the top.

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