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Los Angeles CA, It was a great day for college football! And all week in the locker room, you seen posters and news columns from week 2! And that just gives fuel to this USC team who may have spoiled their chances at a BCS title shot due to straight arrogance. A game where USC head a lead of 18 points and was averaging 9.2 yards a carry! Yet for some old reason only ran the ball once in the second half and gave up 6 turnovers! Yet still had a chance to win and milk the clock yet. Immaturity shown by USC coaching staff they totally gave WSU that game.

And since then, these USC players have been driven on straight anger each week at practice going 110%. They dropped the Flashy and Spoiled Hollywood look and now this USC team is playing beat it down your throat football! On offense and defense!

We caught up with coach Parcells after the 56-14 victory over Utah and he had this to say. "We are not here for flash or glory! Each week we play for the WIN whether its by 100 or 1 point, our focus is each and every week to get a WIN. Our past is our past and we are driven on pure handwork and commitment. This was just another week and now we are focused on Oregon State where we look to WIN!!!
W.I.N = Whatever Is Necessary".

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