Farmer's Market (when is a lose more than just a loss?)

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Farmer's Market (when is a lose more than just a loss?)

Post  D1UFEAR on Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:40 am

When is a loss more than just a loss? When you make some kids in Corvallis rich by failing to show up and allowing them to bet on they Beavers and rake in the $. Much like when Usc was a buzzsaw back in 08 they went into Corvallis ranked top 5 maybe even #1 and some freshman named Quizz Rodgers went ham and the Trojans were beat. A lot of money was won by Beaver believers on that night and week 9 of this season. Stanford had been reading their own clippings and looking forward to playing their biggest rival of recent years the Ducks. The loss changed the whole Pac12 North and cost the Cardinal a shot at the natty. Falling from #2 to #18 in the polls Stanford had a weel to get their heads together and prepare for the fastest team they have seen all season.M2 has been deadly at qb and the Mamba can strike at anytime. thing is for certain, if big red don't comeout and play fast and hard from the jump their Pac12 title dreams are over and they could potentially be out of the top 25.

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