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Berkeley, CA- It was a beautiful day for some college football. Cal had home field advantage and was coming to play they had nothing to lose since they had lost 4 out of last 5! USC coming off of a 6 game winning streak! They look to take out Cal easily. Yet Cal came out with the mindset to keep the ball out of USC's hands. So on the first drive they took it nice and slow throwing check down passes marching down the field. They scored on their first drive taking the ball 80yds down the field! This threw off USC but on the third play of their drive they hand the ball off to their Heisman candidate Morgan and he breaks for the first down but is hit hard by the safety. He was taking off the field and the whole USC sideline was silent! Coach Parcells called a timeout and informed his players Morgan would not be returning for this game and Tre Madden will have to step up! Next play Wittek throws a 19yd pass to Rodgers for the TD. USC kicks off still trying to catch composer. But yet this drive Cal speeds it up a little bit and catches USC while they are distracted and runs in for a 19yd TD. USC is set to return and needs to regain momentum the ball is kicked to All-American Jr M.Lee. He gets a little seem then BOOM!!!! cheers He breaks for a 107 YARD RETURN!!!!!! TOUCHDOWN USC. After the Extra Point Lee walks over to defense and yells "SOMEBODY MAKE A F**KING PLAY!!!" I think CB D.Bailey took that to heart because of the first play he jumped in front of a curl pass and gets the PICK!! After running to sideline Bailey gives the ball to Wittek and says its time to capitalize!!!! With that Wittek on the first play threw a strike to Victor Blackwell for a 17 yd TD. On Cals next USC forced a punt and again on USC's drive blackwell caught a 33yd TD pass. It was 28-14 USC at halftime and 2nd half it was ALL USC scoring 28 more points and INTERCEPTING A TOTAL OF 5 PASSES.

After the game we caught up with Coach Parcells for a statement. "This week we showed america that we are truly a well oiled machine all around. Most people thought if you take Morgan out of USC's offense they would be obsolete. That wasn't the case at all QB Wittek threw for nearly 400yds and 5 TD's and we still had 2 TDs on the ground. Plus our defense always has our back! This game truly showed how much of a powerhouse USC is!!! And how I truly feel we should be ranked top 8!!!!!!

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