Week 14 Recap: OSU @ Oregon

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Week 14 Recap: OSU @ Oregon

Post  eyeofthehawkeye2 on Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:23 pm

Eugene, OR- The Oregon State Beavers and the Oregon Ducks battled it out in the Civil War. Well, I shouldn't say battled, it was more like a complete and utter blowout. The Beavers played absolutely terrible today, turning the ball over 8 times! both Vaz and Mannion had 4 interception apiece. They could not have played any worse. After the game, Mike Riley had no words, but you could just see the frustration on his face as they got completely destroyed in this rivalry game. So much for the Beaver Believers, as their season is officially now over.

The Beavers looked terrible from the start, just turning the ball over everywhere. The Ducks defense just played incredible today. De'Anthony Thomas played great again, but will probably come up just short in the Heisman race, as DJ Morgan looks to have it in control. The Beavers could not stop Oregon. That is pretty much it. There are not many highlights other than the Duck's scoring and the turnovers.

Mike Riley is sitting on the sun right now. There is a very small chance that he will be the head coach next season, as he led the Beavers to a horrible 4-8 season. Nothing is looking too good for the Beavers in the future either. The good news though, is that the Beavers return most of their key players for next year. QB Sean Mannion, HB Storm Woods, LE Scot Crichton, FS Ryan Murphy and maybe WR Brandin Cooks. ***** may decide to head to the NFL next year. I mean......Why stay at a suffering OSU team? Hopefully things will be better off next year. If the Beavs want to be successful next year they must:
1. Find a new head coach who can WIN
2. Stop the turnovers!!
3. Improve their defense
4. Win all their games that they are supposed to win
5. Have at least 2 upsets
If the Beavers can do all of those things, they could be looking at a 6 or 7 win season next year. They can't get any worse than 4-8 right?

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