Bruins Knock Off Tigers!!

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Bruins Knock Off Tigers!!

Post  Shady23 on Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:42 pm

Coach Shady and his UCLA Bruins comes into this season with high hopes and a new style of football. Their first game would be a hell of a test for them as they traveled across country to Death Valley to take on the Clemson Tigers in a hostile environment. UCLA had the gameplan of running the ball down the throat of the tigers and hopefully open up a few big passing plays out of it. The Bruins got the ball first and just ran the ball right at clemson down the field only attempting 2 pass plays and took up 5min of the 1st quarter on the drive but had to settle for just a fg after the Tigers held their own in the redzone. Clemson would answer quickly with their no huddle attack driving the field with ease but also had to settle for a fg and the game was tied at 3 a piece. After the Bruins pounded away on the ground a few more plays Hundey connected with his favorite target Payton on a play action pass for a 69 yard TD as UCLA took a 10-3 lead. Clemson would start to drive once again but it was cut short as the Bruins defense came up with a huge interception that would lead to a another Hundley TD pass this time to Fuller for a 42 yard connection as UCLA went up 17-3. Once again Clemson was moving the ball at will but yet another INT cut the drive short as UCLA looked to extend the lead before half. Hundley would revert back to his turnover ways as he under threw a wide open man as Clemson returned it to mid field and would get back in the game after a Chad Kelly TD pass 17-10 at half.

Clemson would get the ball right back in the 2nd half and drove the field with ease and tied this game up at 17. The Bruins would have to answer and they did so on a very athletic play by their fullback. On a 3rd and 1 FB Wade would get the ball and was wrapped up after 5 yards but HE WAS NEVER WHISTLED DOWN, ROLLED OVER GOT UP AND TOOK IT TO THA HOUSE FOR A 60 YARD RUN (put replay on Dynasty Wire)!! That big time play could have been the difference. up 24-17 after that amazing play the Tigers drove the field to bring the score to 24-20. UCLA would then go back to the ground attack as Malcom Jones carried the team on his shoulders but UCLA would be stopped on the 1 and decided to take the fg in hoping their defense could make a play. Clemson had a shot at tying it up but Chad Kelly would throw his 3rd INT of the game as the bruins would run the clock out and pull off the 27-20 upset over Clemson in a satisfying opening week win.

Coach Shady said he would give his thoughts on the game later on.

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