Week 1 - Sun Devils Start Off With Bye Week

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Week 1 - Sun Devils Start Off With Bye Week

Post  ph5157 on Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:47 pm

Phoenix - The Sun Devils start off the official College football season with a bye week. The team has a new coach, Paul Hurowitz, who has come from the FCS school of UAlbany. Some previous history of Hurowitz, started as a high school coach in New York, then signed on to be a assistant at UAlbany. Soon after, his high octane offense promoted him to HC at Albany. After 4 years of winning seasons, he was approached by ASU. Hurowitz says " this is a dream come true, you can't deny this offer."

He has quickly gone to work on this first week targeting big name recruits. Recruiting was one of his great skills at UAlbany.

This is ASU Beat Reporter, Bill Wright , signing off from the PAC 12 Media Network.


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