Week 1 Report

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Week 1 Report

Post  laxroxtopher on Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:41 pm

The Good: Seattle, Wa - The game of the week didn't turn out to be very competitive but it was a great showing for the Pac 12. Boise State, a perennial power came in ranked #18 to new Husky Stadium and walked out with a 35 point loss. Needless to say the Huskys bucked the broncos down a couple notch's. Bronco's head coach Chris Peterson refused to comment after the game, one which is his largest margin of defeat ever. Since taking the helms in 2006 Peterson had not lost a game by more than 14 points, That game Ironically was in 2007 when the unranked Washington husky's beat the #20 Broncos in Seattle as well. Washington didn't go on to win another game that season and hopes that this will be the only part of this coincidence to not be repeated. A great start for the young Huskys who have a rather easy game next week now to prepare for. All in All good job to UDub for annihilating a power house BCS buster and helping out that conference prestige!

The Bad: Corvallis, OR - The Oregon State Beavers must of thought the season started next week against Hawaii because they almost let Eastern Washington sneak up on them. I don't know how you can have all spring and summer and just scraped by FCS school unless you completely overlooked them for later competition which in OSU's case was almost a dire miscue. The Beaver's start the season in AP polls for the first time in awhile as they looked to be ready to push for a Pac 12 North crown. They have got to take it a day at a time or else it will be nothing but a pipe dream. They scraped by this week on pure talent alone, I hope next week for their sake they have a gameplan because Hawaii wont be so easy.

The Ugly: Berkley, Ca - Cal had to know they would end up here being to only team to lose week one and to a mid level (yet underrated) B1G school. Now I understand Northwestern isn't the easiest opener in the world, but if Wazzu can go to Alabama and beat Auburn,  The Golden bears should have been able to win at home. It is a pretty new team with a new coach so challenges are to be expected, however come on man, these have got to be gimme's

Game of the Week: Los Angeles - Awwwww it's that time of year, the birds are chirping, the cows are mooooing and the sun is beaming on frshly cut blades of grass beacause... ITS THE PAC 12 SEASON OPENER!!!!!!Exclamation Very Happy The Washington State Cougars travel to the land of troy and hollywood after the clash of the big cats (tigers v. Cougars) to take on the trojans who just conquered the Rainbow Warriors of the Big Island. You would expect USC to be favored in a matchup like this but our experts are picking 4 to 1 right now in favor of Wazzu! they must know something we don't know because. SC's 3'rd stringers could probably start on most positions up in Pullman. Either way Laxroxtopher has his " Shocked underdog/favored Question  " Cougars ready to try and pick up the first Pac 12 victory of the year. One thing is for certain, no matter what happens after saturday one team will be a top the conference and the other will be in last now its just up to us to find out!

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