Week 3 Report

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Week 3 Report

Post  laxroxtopher on Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:57 pm

The Good : Berkley, CA- The split game of the week is our winner this week as the Cal defends their home turf and upsets #2 Ohio State and crawls back into the top 25. Cal fell after a week 1 loss and fans around the Pac 12 thought it was going to be a rough season for Cal. But they bounced back strong solidified by the upset of the #2 Buckeyes. It was close til the end as a FG with 1 second left made it a 4 point win instead of a 1 point. Ohio State had a 3 point lead at half and it started to look glim for Cal as no one scored in the 3rd so it came down to the 4th quarter, Cal held Ohio State to only 3 points while they put up 10 putting them ahead by 4 and picking up a huge win for the program and the conference! with only 9 yards rushing a throwing 4 INT's it is a miracle Cal won this one, but they were persistent kept their cool and came away with it. They are officially back on the nations radar.

The Middle Ground: Lincoln, NE- The Bruins come up with a Big win #19 Nebraska at memorial stadium. It is always good news when the Pac 12 beats the B1G it usually means good news for the rose bowl matchup. the 49-35 victory was a pretty handly one as UCLA didn't seem to struggle much threw out the games and nebraska seemed to only move the ball with big plays!

The Bad: Salt Lake City, UT- The Oregon State beavers have seemingly struggled all year so far with no definitive wins and now a huge loss in conference to send them spiraling to the bottom with USC. The Head Coach was not present as the OC and DC had to run the show and the result.... Get Mike Riley Back. He is expected to be back in 1-2 weeks and OSU can't wait as they need the help because this season is on the brink of falling a part as the first 25% of the season has not been very good. interesting to see what will play out

Game of the Week: Palo Alto, Ca- a battle of top 25 talent takes the field this week. it is the 3rd conference game this year as we will be getting into the thick of things in the next few weeks! But one of these two teams will join Utah & WSU on top and the other joins USC & OSU at the bottom. Should be a battle tho as ASU has had a Outstanding Defense all year and Stanford is seasoned and always a challenge in conference play stanford is the consensus favorite, but as we learned in last weeks game of the week, favorites mean nothing once the first whistle blows until the last. Best of luck to both teams this should be a grind it out ole school game.

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