Farmer's Market Dance with the Devil (Asu)

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Farmer's Market Dance with the Devil (Asu)

Post  D1UFEAR on Wed Jul 17, 2013 2:36 pm

The Farm was rocking early on in Palo Alto, California in anticipation of the matchup between #2 Stanford Cardinal and visiting #20 Arizona State. The weather was ideal in the Bay Area with a slight breeze to keep the players cool. The Cardinal team heard the comments from the Sun Devils' coach about Stanford having an easy schedule thus far. Apparently he was not impressed by Stanford's 1st 2 wins over rival SJSU and Army.  He got a good taste of  what Coach Champion and his Cardinal had to offer. On the 1st play of the game Ty Montgomery was open on the hash and raced 62 yards down to the 22 yardline... he scored 2 plays later. Asu looked to answer back but road gitters set in and a bad pitch on the option leads to the 1st take away of the game leading to Wilkerson's 1st of 3 tds on the day. The score ended up being 21-0 before the Devils woke up after a fumble Grice ran for a td to get his squad on the board. Sloppy play by Hogan in the 2nd prevented the game from getting out of hand.Stanford felt good closing out the half with a 28-7 lead .

     2nd half:
The Devils threw a pick on the opening drive resulting in 3 points. Shane Skov was quoted as saying" We had a point 2 prove today, not only was it our 1st conference game but we felt disrespected so we were a little fired up to start the game."Big Red mustered up a few. More take aways and 17 points to win the game 48-21. The d forced 6 turnovers and Hogan was p.o.t.g.  throwing for 318 yards and 3 tds.Coach Hurowitz was asked about how he felt about the loss." It was a disappointing game to say the least, I wish we would have come out with a little bit more fire but we lost to the number 2 team in the nation. We will win next week."  Hogan said it best  "  Being the defending Pac-12 champs we know teams will be gunning for us, we need to play our football and not worry about what other schools are doing. Focus one game at a time, and right now our focus is on Wazzu." It should be an exciting game and possibly Pac-12 game of the week as both teams should be undefeated heading into next week.

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