One Week At A Time

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One Week At A Time

Post  mccartyfkd25 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:42 pm

What a way to get out of a living in the past slump! USC still upset over a loss to WSU were the offense forced 7 interception, the media and critics were so rough on USC, coach Parcells didn't wanna have a post-game press conference. USC still has hopes of winning the PAC-12 and hopefully getting a top 10 ranking to end season. A goal that is obtainable, but coach Parcells says "We Must Take It One Week At A Time!!!"

This week USC was @Arizona State where it looked like it was gonna be a offensive shoot-out! 21-14 at the half USC led. But the 2nd half USC defense came out to play, locking down ASU receivers and swat passes down left and right! USC came out firing on the ground Morgan had over 160 yds and 2 TDs, In my opinion USC needs to stay away from the pass and stick with their strength on the back of Morgan. Around campus they call him "Boobie Miles" So coach Parcells we say to you

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