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Post  laxroxtopher on Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:52 pm

The Good: Tucson, AZ - A battle of pretty evenly matched opponents lead to a wildcat victory at home! You can tell the teams are evenly matched when a game like this is decided in O.T. Utah scored with 1:36 left in the game a looked as if they were going to hold on for victory!  But UA willed by their home fans marched right on down the field for a 16 yard touchdown connection with 23 seconds left! No miracles happened at the end of the game to prevent what we all wanted... OVERTIME. Arizona started with the ball and their main man J.Scroggins tossed his 4th TD of the game and the XP was good putting UA up 35-28.  Utah would answer but get greedy. feeling the pressure possibly from the Wildcat students Lined up and missed the 2 point conversion. "The place erupted when that ball hit the ground" said Player of the game QB Jeff Scroggins.
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The Middle Ground:Eugene, OR- The ducks and cougars met in autzen this last weekend in the commissioners cup. The teams looked miles apart on paper to the rest of the country , but in the Pac 12 they knew this was secretly a realistic trap game for the ducks. Coach LaxRoxTopher had some bold words in the pre game presser and Coach Revo made sure he would eat those words. The Ducks win 56-35 in what we all knew would be a basketball-esk score. The win was highlighted by a 4th Quarter by a 66 yard run by Marcus Mariota to really put the cougs behind the 8 ball. #8 Oregon should climb in the polls this week after a very solid performance at home like usual for the ducks! all eyes are on the Stanford game in the coming weeks another great coaching rivalry.  
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Mariotas Huge beast mode run

The Bad: Palo, Alto, CA- Oh how the ole farm is never friendly to visitors. Our game of the week for this week was pitting #2 UCLA against #5 Stanford. this game was anything but close! Coach champion had it out for new UCLA coach, coach shady and he let him know it from the day he entered the dynasty. a 42-10 drubbing is not what we expected but it happened. maybe it is time to believe the hype of coach champions. only 1 team has scored over 21 points on him and it was because he claims he was distracted by family on the sidelines. He vowed it wouldn't happen again and he has destroyed everything he touched!Oh wait but this is suppose to be about UCLA being bad, they sure as hell were this week.... Well you said you wanted to make the report, happy now Laughing 
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Game of the week: Eugene, OR- #7 UCLA travels to Autzen to face the #6 Ducks. Fresh off a defeat to Stanford the Bruins have to travel even further north this week to take on arguably a better team and coach is Revospeed. This is setimental for coach revospeed who grew up a UCLA fan his whole life and had a 3 year coaching stint there before jumping on the opportunity to become Coach and Student at the University of Oregon. He even legally changed his name from coach UCLA13USC9 to RevoSpeed to make the transition easier! Coach Shady doesnt care about any of that however as it's his squad now and he looks to climb back into top 5 and Championship position. Our prediction here is which ever sophomore QB (hudley and Mariota) plays the better game will lead their team to a victory.  Stay tuned as Week 10 will be here shortly
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